A Review of the Status of Wind Energy Utilisation in Nigeria

Muhammad Tanko Baba, Isa Garba




The paper looked into the wind energy potentials, and the extent to which these potentials were utilized in Nigeria for a sustainable environment. Reviews of past literature, reports on the subject, as well as physical survey were used to collect materials in order to accomplish this work. From the findings, it was established that Nigeria is blessed with vast opportunity for harnessing wind for various applications most especially at the core northern states, mountainous parts of the central, eastern states and offshore areas equivalent to 86% of the possible total annual wind energy flux density for the country. It was also found out that wind energy utilization in the country is faced with challenges such as absence of local manufacturing for wind energy components, reluctance of government to encourage wind technologies, lack of offshore wind mapping, and low financing. Recommendations were made on how to overcome the above mentioned challenges.

Key Words: Wind Energy, Utilisation, Potentials.

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Wind Energy; Utilisation; Potentials.

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