Mitigating Voltage Imperfections with Photovoltaic fed ANFIS based ZSI-DVR in Three Phase System



In recently developed power system models, Power Quality attains utmost importance. This paper makes use of  Z source Inverter(ZSI) connected Dynamic voltage Restorer (DVR) with Renewable energy Unit support to mitigating the short duration voltage sag and interruption. Here the voltage source inverter based DVR model is controlled by the signals generated from Synchronous reference frame based controller. In this model, for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in Renewable Energy unit, Perturb and Observation method is opted. The DVR control technique for sensitive load voltage harmonic mitigation is analyzed with traditional PI controller and soft computing based Fuzzy and ANFIS controllers. The presented ZSI-DVR model is capable of mitigating voltage sag under variant fault conditions. The comparative performance of DVR control technique is modeled and analyzed using SIMULINK (MATLAB) environment.

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Power Quality; Renewable Energy sources; Power conditioning Devices;Traditional controllers, FUZZY controller; ANFIS controllers.

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