Assessment of Groundwater Pollution from Industries in Agra Region

Harsha Yadav, Ashok Kumar Keshari


The present study is aimed at how groundwater quality is being degraded due to the disposal of the industrial effluent in the suburb area of the industry. Agra has many industries and the effluent from the industry causing a serious groundwater trouble. It has reached to an alarming situation as many chemical parameters have already crossed the permissible limit. To understand the movement of the groundwater and contaminant MODFLOW corroborate to be software of great importance and are useful in simulating the exact field conditions which helps to attain the results under different circumstances. MODFLOW is used widely all over the world for the groundwater modelling. A high correlation of chloride (0.935) and bi-carbonate (0.917) was found with Electrical Conductivity, and region is highly under the influence of salinity. Mostly the industries are disposing off their sewage either in river Yamuna or on the land and finally reaching the groundwater table and degrading the water quality of this region. The MODFLOW model simulates the groundwater flow in the region and results shows .81 correlation between the observed data and calculated data at the time period of 1461 days.

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Groundwater; effluents; modelling; correlation; conductivity

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