Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System for Peak Load Sharing Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Abu Bakar Waqas


The rapidly growing renewable energy resources in context of smart grid environment entails the power system operational planning, optimal allocation, sizing and robust control of Distributed Generators (DGs). Generally, DGs include power generation from wind, solar, tidal, diesel or biogas etc. The wind energy systems are getting an immense attention of researchers in the recent decade. The conventional wind turbine is coupled with electrical generator through gear box. An efficient blade pitch control mechanism regulates the shaft speed of wind turbine and thus frequency of electrical generator against load variations and uncertain wind blows. This blade pitch control mechanism may be referred as Pitch Frequency Control (PFC) of wind energy system. In this research paper, a technique has been proposed for peak load sharing of utility supply using fuzzy logic based technique. The proposed technique has been modelled and simulated in Simulink environment of MATLAB. The simulation results show the improved performance for PFC of wind energy system. Moreover, the minimum percent overshoot and settling time back the simulation results. Thus the proposed technique reflects its significance by its application for wind energy systems consisting of low speed electrical generators.

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Wind energy system; fuzzy controller; blade pitch control; peak load sharing; utility supply

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