Emission Analysis of an Engine Operating on Corn Oil Methyl Ester Blends with Air Pre-Heater

V Gopinath, Dr. P. Shanmughasundaram, Dr.P. Suresh


Diesel engine pollutants such as NOx, Carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbons are increasing day by day due to usage of fossil fuel in automobiles. And also diesel engine exhaust gases are high temperature, which affect the environment and these pollutants will causes hazards to the environmental.  In order to reduce these pollutants, alternative fuels can be used which are biodegradable and produce complete combustion due to more oxygen content. The reusing of waste heat energy from exhaust gases by preheating the inlet air, which will reduce the emission formation due to reduce the ignition delay.

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Corn oil methyl ester; Emission; Air preheater; NOx;

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