A FACTS Based Hybrid Filter Compensator (HFC) for H2V Battery Charging Schemes

E. Elbakush, A. M. Sharaf


The paper presents a robust low impact FACTS based filter compensation scheme for V2H Battery chargers to, improve the power quality, reduce total harmonic distortion, decrease AC and DC inrush currents, and ensure effective Ac and DC Common bus voltage stabilization. The Neutral point Facts Filter Compensation Schemer (NP-HFC) ensures effective decoupling of the AC-DC Sides and minimal impact of inrush currents during fast charging modes. In the same time, the novel FACTS device ensures efficient energy utilzation and improved power factor at the common AC bus. A dynamic multi regulation multi-loop error driven control strategy is developed to ensure fast charging, minimal impact on host electric grid and efficient utilization of grid-connected battery charging scheme with effective AC-DC decoupling and stabilization of the DC Common Bus Voltage. The self regulating battery charging multi- regulator control scheme has been fully validated using Matlab-Simulink Software Environment. The FACTS-based Battery Charging  V2H unit is controlled using modified  multi-zonal error driven control strategies for fast dynamic action and minimal stead state error to ensure improved power factor operation, reduced Total Harmonic Distortion and decoupled AC- DC Grid Operation. The battery charger has a hybrid selected Voltage-Current Regulation strategy.

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Electric Vehicle; FACTS NP- HFC; Multi-zonal Inter-coupled Controller; V2H Battery Charger.

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