Effective low cost Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System to Electrify the Small Scale industry/Commercial Building

Sheeraz Kirmani, Majid Jamil, Iram Akhtar


The depletion of fossil fuel resources day by day has required for another source of energy to fulfill the present energy demands. Solar energy is a clean, vast and reliable energy source to meet up the present energy scenario in the world.  Due to lack of renewable energy sources available, solar energy system has gained attention and this system is being developed rapidly in the recent yeaINR Nowadays, there is a need of continuous supply of energy to feed the different types of loads, solar system cannot provide the supply continuously so storage system is necessary with the system, this would further increase the cost of system . Alternatively if the solar photovoltaic system is connected to the grid then there is no need of storage devices. This paper proposed the effective low cost 10 KW grid-connected solar photovoltaic system to meet up the load demands. From between the two systems that have been considered for solar power generation, this grid-connected solar photovoltaic system is best suited for small scale industry/ commercial buildings having the lowest cost of energy as INR 3.20/kWh. 

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