Load Frequency Controller Design for Microgrid Using Internal Model Approach

SENTHIL KUMAR, A.Jeya Veronica


The impact of renewable energy sources is no longer negligible in microgrids when high penetration levels are required. This paper explores load frequency control issues in a microgrid comprising of wind turbinegenerators(WTG), diesel generators(DG), fuel cells(FC) fed by aqua electrolyzers(AE) and battery energy storage systems (BESS). Due to the interconnection of these intermittent energy sources the microgrid frequency deviates. To enhance the frequency regulation in the microgrid, PI controllers are used for controlling the real power generation of these micro sources. It is observed that the system frequency regulation improves considerably by utilizing PI Controllers tuned using internal model control(IMC) approach. This paper explores the design procedure of IMC tuned PI controllers and fractional order PI(FOPI) controllers for micro grid systems. The robustness of the IMC based PI Controllers have been verified by changing the parameters of the micro grid sources.

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