Modelling and Simulation of Natural Gas Generator and EV Charging Station: A Step to Microgrid Technology

Jakir Hossain, Nazmus Sakib, Eklas Hossain, Ramazan Bayindir


Besides the negative impact on both the environmental and geological aspect because of the fossil fuel combustion-based power generation, the fossil fuels have almost been depleted, and hence an alternative fuel source is required. To meet the demand of the next generation power system, renewable and clean energy resources, such as solar, wind, tide, geothermal, and natural gas, can be the fuel of choice. In this paper, the concentration is limited to the natural gas generators and electric vehicle charging station besides the delineation of the entire microgrid testbed. In particular, this letter is associated with the modeling of the natural gas generators and the simulations for the different aspects and cases of the regarding system. Besides that, the EV charging station is also delineated with the necessary modelling, simulation, and analysis. All the results are verified by the Matlab/Simulink simulations and with necessary explanation.

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Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, Microgrid Systems, Natural Gas Generator, EV Charging Station

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