Enhancement of the Thermal Regulation Performance of a Curved PV Panel

Mohamed lamine Benlekkam, Driss NEHARI, Habib Issad MADANI


The present paper aims at studying the use of a phase change materials linked to a curved photovoltaic (PV) panel to enhance its thermals regulations performances and to limit the temperature rise on its front surface. A two-dimensional implicit finite volume heat transfer model was used to solve an unsteady Navier–Stokes and energy equations with commercial code fluent 6.3.26. In order to improve the thermal performance of a curved PV panel, we varied the radius of curvature until the flat PV panel. For the validation, an isothermals contours and time evolution of the temperature are compared with data of the literature. Results show that the temperature of PV cells increase for the high curvatures but the lowest has no more influence on it and the adding of PCM behind the PV panel maintain its temperature.

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Phase change material; Latent heat; Thermal regulation; Photovoltaic cell

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