Speed-Sensorless DFIG Wind Turbine for Power Optimization Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Observer

zoubir gadouche, Cheikh BELFEDAL, Tayeb ALLAOUI, Belkacem BELABBAS


In practice, speed erroneous measurements in the wind or in the rotor turbine generator, necessarily lead to non-optimal power transmission. This paper presents optimal power control of DWECS (DFIG-based wind energy conversion system), without mechanical speed sensor. In this context, we are interested to develop a speed FSMO (fuzzy sliding mode observer), in order to estimate the DFIG speed. The proposed method linked an IPC (indirect power control) and MPPT without speed subservience and FSMO to assess the rotor speed, for the wind turbine generator Power Control. The results presented are, a comparative study between SMO and FSMO, with robustness test using Matlab/Simulink software.

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DFIG ; Indirect power control; MPPT; speed observer; FSMO.

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