Simulation of Integrated Biomass Gasification-Gas Turbine-Air Bottoming Cycle as an Energy Efficient System

Hassan Ali Ozgoli


Air Bottoming Cycle (ABC) is used to enhance total efficiency and output power in conventional gas turbine systems. An integrated biomass gasification-gas turbine-ABC combined cycle has been presented in this study. The proposed cycle has been used as a novel approach to alleviate restrictions on generated power in the biomass gasification-gas turbine systems. Additionally, a significant amount of heat can be produced in this combined cycle, which justifies its application as a combined heat and power system. Modeling and simulation of the cycle has been performed regarding the energy system. To generate syngas fuel from bagasse, a two equilibria gasifier system, integrated with a low temperature gas cleaning system, has been used. Results show that, delivered power from the proposed cycle has been increased about 44.2% compared to the conventional gas turbines, while the total energy efficiency of the combined cycle has been calculated about 58.9%. Moreover, results indicate that due to higher opportunity of energy recovery in GT-ABC, the total efficiency and generated power reduction is less without ABC cycle because of pressure ratio changes. Additionally, wastage of heat in the proposed cycle was minimized by transferring waste heat to heat sinks, which resulted in the balance of energy in the cycle. Overall results show the suitability of the proposed cycle to attain high efficiency and power generation capacity in biomass gasification-gas turbine systems.

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Air Bottoming Cycle; Gas Turbine; Biomass Gasification; Total Efficiency; Simulation.

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