Frequency Control of Micro Grid with wind Perturbations Using Levy walks with Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm

Kayalvizhi Selvam, D.M. Vinod Kumar


Frequency and voltage controls are the two main challenges in the micro grid operation both in the grid connected and autonomous mode due to the presence of uncertain renewable sources. Since economic micro grid operation relies on fluctuating renewable sources such as wind and solar, the task of maintaining frequency within the limits for smooth operation of micro grid demands advanced controller action. Keeping this in mind, a panoptic exploration to search space has been accomplished using proposed eagle strategy for optimizing the gains of PI controller employed in controllable generating units in the islanded micro grid. The proposed eagle strategy which made the search process two fold i.e., coarse search by levy flights and an intensive local search by spider monkey algorithm. The proposed strategy has been tested on typical micro grid test system and also on real world Bella Coola micro grid in British Columbia, Canada. Frequency model of systems were developed in SIMULINK/MATLAB and the simulation results for different scenarios confirms that the proposed strategy performs better and the results are compared with few prominent algorithms to ascertain its superiority in finding better gains of PI controllers.

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Frequency control; eagle strategy; micro grid; wind components

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