Photo-Voltaic Array Fed Transformer-Less Inverter with Energy Storage System for Non-isolated Micro Inverter Applications

K. Mohanasundaram, P. ANANDHRAJ, V. Vimalraj Ambeth


This paper proposes hybrid energy system which consists of renewable energy source i.e. solar powered transformer less inverter and battery powered bi-directional direct current (DC) converter. The objective of this paper is reduce common mode voltage, minimize mosfet failure from reverse diode recovery, minimize conduction loss and full magnetic utilization using transformer-less inverter which is different from normal phase-leg inverter, it has proposed phase leg with optimized inductor and diodes. Battery energy storage system is used to avoid power interruption from PV panel during dark time. Proportional-Integral (PI) controller is used to provide gate signals to the transistor switches used in the transformer-less inverter. Simulation results helps to demonstrate the merits of transformer-less inverter.

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- Photo-Voltaic (PV) Array; Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (BDC); Hybrid Energy storage system (HESS); Battery (Bt).

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