Optimization of The Fins Dimensions for The Absorber with Fins on a Compact Thermal Solar Collector by Entropy Generation Criterion.

Coffi Wilfrid ADIHOU, Malahimi ANJORIN, C. Aristide HOUNGAN, Christophe AWANTO, Gerard DEGAN


This study present the possibility of adding fins to plate absorbers to improve the performance of the flat plate collector. The objective of this theoretical work is to optimize the dimensions of the fins of the absorbers for a compact solar collector. The performance criterion used is the entropy generation, a global criterion followed by the realization constraint of the black body on the absorber. The results obtained after studying reveal that the pitch on the absorber must be lowest possible, the pitch in the working fluid must be superior to 0.1 m and to be largest possible and the optimum height in the working fluid is 0.023 m.

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Fins; solar collector; compact; entropy generation; height; pitch.

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