Renewable energy from the seaweed Chlorella pyrenoidosa cultivated in developed systems

Souad Zighmi, Segni LADJEL, Mohamed Bilal GOUDJIL, Salah Eddine BENCHEIKH


The purpose of this present study is to demonstrate the potentialities of the alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa as a source of energy of third generation, based on the increase of biomass yield, by the use of systems of culture developed, these latter are doped by are doped with optically active molecules,  allowing for shifting the light to the area of photosynthesis adapted to the alga, what increasing the maximum biomass concentration compared to the neutral system (non-doped) chosen as a reference by a factor of 2 from 3th days of culture. We have also, realized a simple extraction of the oil of cultivated alga, the yield acquired is interesting, it is of the order of 40.17%, this oil undergoes a conversion to a biodiesel by the reaction of transesterification, which gives us a yield of 92.56%. In effect, based on the results above, this work leads to the conclusion that, the alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa rich in lipids ,constitutes a choice dilicate for the operate as raw material for the production of energy that is sustainable and renouvlabe.

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Algae; Biomass; Biodiesel; Chlorella pyrenoidosa; Renewable energy; Transesterification.

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