Exergy Analysis of Solar Cabinet Dryer and Evaluate the Performance Enhancement of Solar Cabinet Dryer by Addition of Solar Reflectors

Abdullah Aziz, Saeed Rehman, Shafiq Rehman


Solar dryer dehumidifies the moisture for food preservation using solar radiation. In this paper performance evaluation of cabinet dryer by using energy and exergy analysis tool has been presented.  Experimental work on proposed design of cabinet dryer has been carried out at Abraka, Nigeria. Analysis has been performed by solving the model equation of solar radiation of Abraka, Nigeria and mathematical model of solar cabinet dryer. Mathematical model has been solved by using Engineering Equation Solver. Solution of mathematical model will give the available useful energy and exergy of solar cabinet dryer. Performance of system is evaluated by making calculation of energy utilized in drying process using experimental data. The analysis highlights the energy losses, irreversibility, exergy losses and exergy destruction at different stages. This study will help improve the efficiency of the system so that maximum energy can be utilized. Performance comparison of cabinet dryer with and without a reflector is also discussed. It has been concluded that cabinet drier without a reflector is able to convert 39% of solar energy as available useful energy of dryer and convert about 13% of useful energy to exergy of the dryer system. While dryer with a reflector converts 42% of solar energy into available useful energy of dryer and converts about 17% of available energy to exergy of dryer. If we compare the performance of both dryers it can be observed that dryer without reflector has twice the exergy as compared to dryer with reflector.

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Energy; Exergy; Solar dryer; cabinet dryer

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