A Contribution to the Design and the Installation of an Universal Platform of a Wind Emulator Using a DC Motor

Imen Nouira, Adel Khedher, Adel Bouallegue


In the goal to implement an experimental wind energy board we have interest by a survey and development of a wind emulator based on DC-machine. The development of this subject has focused on modeling of a vertical axis wind turbine, a DC motor with independent excitation and its control via a fourth quadrant chopper. To carry out this work, we studied and designed the electrical and mechanical sensors dedicated to the stand and a PWM control using 18F452 microcontroller. The presented emulator permit to test some theoretical algorithm control used in the wind energy control system, such as, system was the SCIG, DFIG or PMSM.


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Wind turbine; wind turbine simulator; actual speed; estimated speed; actual torque; estimated torque

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