3 kW Wind Turbine Emulator Implementation on FPGA Using Matlab/Simulink

Intissar Moussa Essoussi, Adel Bouallegue, Adel Khedher


In this paper we present the interests of the hardware implementation of control algorithms for wind emulator based on DC-Machine. This work focus on modeling a horizontal axis wind turbine, a DC-Machine with independent excitation and its control via PI controllers and a fourth quadrant chopper by exploiting mathematical equations. Moreover, simulation results are analyzed and discussed using Simulink and XSG (Xilinx System Generator) showing the performance of our application. Through the tool XSG, algorithms are implemented on FPGA (Virtex-5 LX50T).

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DC machine; FPGA; PI regulators; Control algorithms; XSG; Wind turbine emulator.

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