A Comparative Review of Islanding Detection Schemes in Distributed Generation Systems

John Sundar.D, Senthil Kumaran. M


The main challenge in Distributed Generation (DG) Systems is that of unintentional islanding which leads to power quality issues in the utility grid. It is also considered as a major threat to personnel working in Electrical Power Systems (EPS) lines for maintenance purposes. This paper lends an overview on few detection methods which are widely recognized for industrial as well as for residential grid connected operation. Passive and Active methods which are considered to be the classical methods of detection have inherent issues such as large Non Detection Zone and poor power quality maintenance respectively. The contemporary methods such as  Communication based methods and Signal processing methods which have reported small Non Detection Zone are gaining momemtum in distributed generation . Each of the islanding detection methods are evaluated based on attributes such as detection time, size of Non Detection Zone, Power Quality issues, System cost and effective with multiple DG operation.

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Islanding Detection Methods;Non Detection Zone; Distributed Generation

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