A Dynamic Power System Economic Dispatch Enhancement by Wind Integration Considering Ramping Constraint -Application to Algerian Power System

slimane souag, Farid Benhamida


In recent years, the integration of wind power increasingly extends into the electricity grid, this renewable energy source is characterized by a low cost function and variable power 'uncontrollable' which helps in the production of electrical energy a remarkable way in several points. The management of the electric energy production in the network is linked to multiple tasks, among which  is called "The economic dispatch", which is the power allocation between generators to minimizing the cost of production and meet power demand, hence this demand varies through time so we have a dynamic economic dispatch, which is subject to constraints such as the ramp effect, in this study we will see the impact of the integration of a wind turbine to the constrained dynamic economic dispatch.

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Wind energy; Economic dispatch; Ramping rate; optimization; power system.

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