A Review on the Design Approaches Using Renewable Energies in Urban Parks

Saeedeh Hakimizad, Sina Razzaghi Asl, Mohammad Mehdi Ghiai


Diversifying the energy sources and the creation of energy security along with the environmental problems with respect to the consumption of fossil fuels in one hand, and the clean and renewable nature of novel energies in another draw tremendous attention of the world to develop the use of renewables and to increase its contribution in the energy basket.  The purpose of this study is to collect information on equipment and technologies of renewable energy that can be used in urban parks which leads to the underlying implementation of sustainable development in cities. Using descriptive method and current implementations, this paper addressed the necessity of applying these methods in the parks in Tehran. The results showed that the use of renewable energies and related technologies in urban parks provides services including lighting, charging small electronics, production of hot water and space heating and cooling in the park. Still, the sustainability of the urban environment is enhanced apart from the beauty of the environment, promoting public education and reduction in fossil fuel consumption.

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Renewable energies, park design, sustainable development, urban parks.

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