A Review of Physical Properties of Biomass Pyrolysis Oil

Monoj Bardalai


The article has made a discussion and review on the physical properties and behaviour of the bio-oil produced by the pyrolysis process from various biomasses at different operating conditions. An attempt has also been done to suggest and mention the various causes for the poor quality of bio-oil which requires up-gradation to make it suitable for transportation fuel. The effects of various parameters such as type of biomass, particle size of the biomass, type of reactor, pyrolysis temperature, condensing temperature, use of hot filter, type of reactor etc. on the behaviour of the bio-oil are also discussed. The summary of the discussion pertains a need of optimisation of various parameters to get a suitable fuel, as controlling of one parameter although  improves a particular property of the bio-oil, at the same time it may lead to deteriorate another property.

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Pyrolysis; biomass; reactor; physical properties; hot filter; electrostatic precipitator; heating vale; pH value; ash content; hydrodeoxygenation.

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